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All Images owned by Donna j.f.Paul Farflungfotos

I am a Photographer!

     I use my camera to document and capture God's creations, scenes, images, and moments that I find in daily life or that I fabricate. There's a picture around every corner.  When I have a camera with me I lose and find myself.   All my photos on the Web are only copies of the RAW and will look very pixelated if enlarged or printed.  


Attitude is equally as important as Ability!

      Photograph is my passion; it is my creative outlet.  I am committed and I am always striving to improving my photography.  I work to get the image right by Never stop learning how the application and practice of creating durable images by recording light to convey thoughts, ideas, feelings, and moods. 

"Sharing is the essence of social media." Zoe Sugg

  My work is all Creative Commons Non-Commercial. That means people, as long as they give credit and link back to farflungfotos.com , can use my images on their blogs, wallpaper, personal use – anything – as long as it is not used commercially.  

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